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About us


Steven had an accident in 2014 that left him paralyzed from the chest down and with partial loss of hand and arm function. It forced him to sit in a wheelchair all day long. As he suffered from all the troubles that come from living in a world where people usually stand or walk around, he decided to do something about it. And not just for himself, but for all who suffer the same fate.


MAKT is about helping others

  • Products and Services: Most established brands are not adequately equipped with the necessary insights, information or mental flexibility to prevent the most common mistakes when developing and selling products or services for people in wheelchairs. We believe there are four cornerstones that need to be met before you have a great product or service for people with a seated lifestyle : 
  1. Empowerment : Does it empower the customer, does it stimulate independence?
  2. Health : Does it contribute to the customer's health, is it safe?
  3. Innovation: How innovative is the product or service, is it better?
  4. Aesthetics : Does it inspire confidence, is it in no way stigmatizing?
      MAKT aims to develop, select & sell products and services that are flawless.

  • Information and Consultancy : If you are bound to a wheelchair you never arrive alone, prejudice and stigma follow you wherever you go. You wear an un-detachable label that causes people to patronize, underestimate and discriminate. As mentioned before, this is often reflected in the products and services that are available. MAKT wants to provide the necessary information to the companies that make products, to improve knowledge about people in a wheelchair and about the things they need for an active lifestyle.


This project is supported by Sitwear, the Caring Entrepreneurship Fund and START IT @ KBC.
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