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Bixi Is the first ultra-portable, always-on, fully touch-·free device that controls smart devices such as phones, tablets, music, speakers, lights, thermostat, GoPro and many others via intuitive hand gesture recognition. 







Bixi explanation


The user doesn't need to pause his current activity.

You can change music while in the shower or without removing gloves while gardening. You can browse digital recipes while cooking without having to wash your hands, or you can interact with your phone while driving, without getting distracted!


IOS and android apps

Setting Up Bixi is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Connect your bixi to bixi app.

2. Select the profiles that you wish to control.

3. Press sync & Voila! Your bixi is ready.

4. Now go, get your hands dirty!


Bixi Gestures are magic
Bixi usage gestures


 key tech specs


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