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Deluxe Ball Splint


Prevent deformities and atrophy by exercising your fingers on this ball-splint.

Useful for people with:

Hand function impairment caused by neurological trauma and/or neurological diseases.

Also usable by people with general muscle weakness and/or unusual limb tension.

Brand Name: Shawphy


1. The splint separates your fingers while you exercise your hand- and finger muscles.

2. Because it is light weight (only 130g) it is easy and comfortable to wear.

3. To keep your wrist firm there's an aluminium rod inside the splint.

4. The ball is made out of soft foam, ideal for hand muscles exercises.

5. Usable for both hands, easy right?


One-size-fits-all (max. wrist circumference 31cm / 12.2 ")


Material: Composite Material
Item Type: Rehabilitation
Shipping : 3 - 6 weeks

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